Zion Animal Lovers (ZAL)

ZAL is an all-volunteer 501 (c)3 non-profit organization (Tax ID Number 74-3188936) whose mission is to provide for the overall health and well-being of the lost and/or abandoned animals in Springdale, Rockville and Zion National Park.

Springdale Shelter

The Springdale Animal Shelter is a town-owned shelter located in Springdale, Utah. The Springdale Police Department proudly partners with Zion Animal Lovers to provide care and treatment for dogs that are brought to the shelter. The shelter can temporarily accommodate up to three dogs until an owner is found, or the animal is adopted or transferred to another no-kill facility or rescue agency.

Board of Directors

ZAL is governed by a five-member Board of Directors:
  • Filomena Diaz-Johnson, Rockville
  • Karla Player, Springdale
  • Kathy Schultz, Springdale
  • Luci Francis, Rockville
  • Robin Smith, Rockville


Donations are tax deductible and should be mailed to:
Zion Animal Lovers (ZAL)
P.O. Box 214
Springdale, UT 84767

For more information, contact Luci Francis at 949-370-7280 or via email.

Reporting an Animal

If you find an animal, please call non-emergency dispatch at 435-634-5730 and an animal control officer will take the animal to the Springdale shelter.

If you cannot get immediate help from dispatch, please call Luci Francis at 949-370-7280.

If you have lost an animal, you may also call non-emergency dispatch or Luci.

Social Media

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