Purchasing & Contracts

The Town reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals.

Town of Springdale History and Visitor Center

The Town of Springdale is seeking to identify local property owners who may be interested in negotiating with the Town for the acquisition or use of a building or property suitable for a History and Visitor Center. The Town desires to work with a property owner who is interested in providing a History Center site or existing building through: a gift of property, development agreement with the Town, long-term lease, acquisition of property, or other appropriate conditions. There may also be tax advantages available to the property owner.
We believe that an ideal History Center location would include the following:

• An existing building or building site within Town, preferably with historic significance
• Location on or near SR-9
• Location in areas of high pedestrian traffic
• Allow for a building size of 800-1,600 square feet
• Space for Parking
• Economic viability for the Town to develop into a History Center

The History Center location should integrate well with Springdale’s transportation systems: Zion shuttle system, walking and bicycling, future public transit, etc. You are encouraged to be creative. Any property or building that could potentially serve as a History and Visitor Center will be considered. The History Center could be a stand-alone facility or it could be part of the overall development plans for your property.  The Town is willing to consider opportunities that may require a development agreement or other negotiated conditions to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement with property owners.

If you have any interest in discussing your property’s potential use by the Town for a History Center please contact:
Rick Wixom, Town Manager

All discussions regarding potential History Center properties will be held in the strictest of confidence. We look forward to speaking with you.